Surf Experiences
Surf Experiences

Surf Experiences

Surf Experiences

Sligo Surf Experience offers a range of surf lessons and experiences to suits all our customer's needs.

All our surf lessons include professional instructors as surf guides, all necessary surfing equipment (soft surfboards, warm wetsuits and boots), access to changing rooms and showers in County Sligo Surf Club and storage for personal belongings.

Our most popular classes are our Group Surf Experience. Please allow 2.5 hours for group surf experiences with us.

Group lessons: €40 per person.

Discounted price for bodyboarders and u16s surfers: €35 pp.

Don't fancy joining a group or would like private coaching? Our private lessons start at €40 pp.

Group surf sessions are open surf sessions composed of small groups of 6 – 8 surfers with their own dedicated surf instructor. All hand picked instructors are experienced surfers and fully trained beach lifeguards with up to date Irish Water Safety qualifications so you are always safe hands.

Depending on group size there will be at least one, two or three Sligo Surf Experience instructors present.
Don't want to join a group? Then a two hour one on one surf coaching session is for you (over 16s only).

One to One

1:1 surf coaching: €70 (€90 during peak season in July + August).

1:1 private bodyboard coaching: €60 (€80 during peak season in July + August).

Want to bring a friend?

1:2 surf coaching: €50 per person (€40 for U16s).

1:2 private bodyboard coaching: €45 per person (€35 U16s).

We also offer small group surf sessions for up to six people with your own dedicated Sligo Surf Experience instructor.

Surf: €40 for adults and €30 for U16s.

Bodyboard: €35 for adults and €25 for U16s.

If you are confident you have mastered your whitewater surf skills, perfected your surfboard pop up and want to paddle out the back, catch unbroken waves and tackle more intermediate surf skills then try our level 2 surf lessons with head coach and level 2 surf instructor Seamus Mc Goldrick.

Two lesson package = €80 per person.
Three lesson package = €120 pp.
Four lesson package = €150 pp (recommended).

Level 2 coaching involves a structured two, three or four lesson program. The surfer's level is accessed in lesson one and a progression plan with achievable goals tailored to each surfers individual needs is drawn up between coach and surfer.

After lesson one, the surfer is expected to practice a number of coaching points before returning for lesson 2 to continue the program.

Advanced coaching is designed for experienced surfers who own their own equipment. It is ideal for people wanting to learn how to paddle out beyond the whitewater, do duckdives or learn manoeuver like cutbacks or spins. Maybe you are thinking about planning your first surf trip or entering your first longboarding, shortboarding or bodyboarding contest? A level 2 surf lesson can help you achieve your surfing goals quicker.

Warning: surfing is addictive and can lead to considerable thrills and spills.

Please note: all surf classes are weather dependent and safety is our first priority.

Times of surf classes may vary during peak busy periods in August with a minimum surf class duration of 2 hours.

As with all watersports, it is advisable to be able to swim. If you are unable to swim five meters in a pool we advise you attend some swimming classes to improve your confidence before returning to us for your surf lesson.

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