Sligo Surf Experience Strandhill Ocean Warrior Surf CampSligo Surf Experience Strandhill Ocean Warrior Surf Camp

Ocean Warrior Surf Camp

Our award winning U16 five day summer camp last 2.5 hours per day. Surfers are fully supervised at all times. Participants will learn to surf and a whole lot more in a fun and inclusive learning environment.

Children age 9 - 16: €150

Sligo Surf Experience Strandhill Teen CampSligo Surf Experience Strandhill Teen Camp

Teen Camp

Our teen camps are ideal for older teens aged 15 - 18. All equipment is included in the price and surf camp last 2.5 hours per day.

Teen (15 - 18): €150

Sligo Surf Experience Strandhill Adult Surf CampSligo Surf Experience Strandhill Adult Surf Camp

Adult Surf Camp

Learn to surf and a whole lot more with our five day Sligo Surf Experience surf camp. Spend the first three days learning the ABCs of surfing technique before moving on to more intermediate surfing skills later in the week.

Adults: €180

Sligo Surf Experience Strandhill Yoga Surf ExperienceSligo Surf Experience Strandhill Yoga Surf Experience

Yoga Surf Experience

Join our Salty Soul Sessions on May 18 at 10am.
A rejuvenating yoga session followed by an exhilarating surf at 12:30 pm.
Also available June 8, July 6, Aug 3 & Sept 7 .

Per person: €60

2024 Ocean Warrior Surf Camp Timetable


1 - 5 Week 1 [9 am - 11 .30 am]
8 - 12 Week 2 [12 pm - 2.30 pm]
15 - 19 Week 3 [9 am - 11.30 am]
22 - 26 Week 4 [3.30 pm - 6 pm]
29 - Aug 2 Week 5 [9 am - 11.30 am]


5 - 9 Week 6 [10.45 am - 1.15 pm]
12 - 16 Week 7 [10.45 am - 1.15 pm]
19 - 23 Week 8 [10.45 am - 1.15 pm]
26 - 30 Week 9 [10.15 pm – 12.45 pm]

What's included?

Surf instructors as guides. Rental of surfboards, wetsuits, boots. Storage for belongings.

What to Bring

Swimming gear, a towel, water resistant suncream and a back pack for belongings.

Where to meet?

The yellow Sligo Surf Experience van at the back of the National Surf Centre, Shore Road, Strandhill.

Our Instructors

We only use trained and qualified surf instructors to guide and supervise surfing groups.

Sligo Surf Experience, Image: Summer camp lead image

Summer Camps in Sligo

Sligo Surf Experience, Image: Summer camps in sligo
Sligo Surf Experience's award-winning five-day Ocean Warrior Surf Camp is an educational outdoor summer camp in Strandhill, Sligo that is both inclusive and challenging. This surfing summer camp is suitable for nine to fifteen-year-olds. We also run adult surf camps and teen surf camps for 15 - 18 year olds. All our surf camps in Strandhill are available at a 25% discount. Included is the price is all necessary surfing equipment and access to changing rooms and showers in the National Surf Centre. All you need to bring swimming gear and a towel.

Sligo Surf Experience is located in Failte Ireland's National Surf Centre on the Shore Road, Strandhill opposite the Strand Bar. Our meet-up point is the yellow Sligo Surf Experience van at the front of the centre. You can't miss us.

Ocean Warrior Surf Camp

Sligo Surf Experience, Image: Ocean warrior surf camp
The popular Ocean Warrior surf camp is available Monday to Friday throughout July and August. Summer camp in Sligo include daily surfing or bodyboarding lessons, beach games, environmental education, water safety and ocean awareness and, of course, lots of fun in the ocean. It is the perfect introduction to Sligo surfing. All camps last two and a half hours per day. The minimum age for the Ocean Warrior surf camp is nine years old (no exceptions).

Our summer camp is designed to bring out the inner Ocean Warrior in every participant regardless of ability with the help of the expert Sligo Surf Experience team. All surf camps in Strandhill are personally supervised by Seamus Mc Goldrick, the most experienced surf school manager in Strandhill. Seamus is an Irish bodyboarding national champion with a lifetime experience surfing in Strandhill.

Our Ocean Warrior surf camp is sponsored by Good 4U foods who provide healthy snacks for our hungry surfers each week.

Summer Camp Structure

The aim of the Ocean Warrior surf camp is to change attitudes and behaviours towards the water and ensure that each student leaves with lifelong respect and awareness of the ocean. Our surf camp program aims to develop confidence and social skills while creating a new sporting interest. The Ocean Warrior surf camp motto is: 'Respect All, Fear None, Have Fun.'

The first three days of surf lessons in Strandhill focus on introducing the surf camp participants to the ABCs of surfing. Each surfer receives an Ocean Warrior surf camp workbook that they can fill out every day to mark their surfing progress. Surf camp participants will learn lots about Sligo surfing from their Ocean Warrior workbooks and their friendly surf instructors. During their surf camp, participants will learn and practice three fundamental surf skills. The first is how to lie on their board in a balanced position. The second is how to paddle their board forward in order to catch a wave. The third skill is how to paddle, catch a wave and stand up in one, two or three easy steps.

Day One

Sligo Surf Experience, Image: Day one
Surf camp participants get to meet their surf instructors. The instructors guide the surf camp participants to the beach and play a quick ice-breaker name game so all the instructors and participants get introduced. Next, students are introduced to their surf equipment. They are shown how to handle their board safely and carry their board to waist depth water. They also learn where the safe Strandhill surfing zone is (between the flags) and the whistle and hand signals instructors and surfers use to communicate.

Day Two

Instructors check for learning and ask the group to recall the parts of the board and the safety signals used the day before. We will go through the basic surf technique from day one again. Surf camp participants are asked about one thing they did well on day one and one thing they would like to improve on today.

Day Three

After recapping on the basic surf techniques, our instructors will give students one or two coaching points to practice to improve their surfing technique. The instructors will also go into more detail about the ocean environment, how waves are formed and the effect of the wind and tide on the waves in Strandhill. Environmental concepts like Leave No Trace and Take Three for the Sea will also be introduced to the surf camp throughout the week.

Day Four

Our beach talk will focus more on ocean awareness, how to describe the surfing conditions and how to spot a rip current. The group will play some beach games to help them build on the surfing techniques they have learned during the week. The goal at this stage of the week for our young surfers is to be able to catch more waves each session than at the start of the week.

Day Five

Sligo Surf Experience, Image: Day five
The last day of surf camp is all about having one last, super fun surf lesson in Strandhill. After patiently listening to their instructors all week, Friday is a fun day. We also like to teach surfers on their summer camp about the problems we face from marine litter, particularly plastic. We get the surf camp to organize their own two-minute beach clean to see how much rubbish we can find on our favourite beach. The surf school provides gloves and bags. Then it is off to the sea to catch as many awesome waves as possible for the last day of surf camp. Back at the surf school, each child gets their Ocean Warrior surf camp certificate signed by the Sligo Surf Experience manager before saying our fond farewells.
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