Sport Ireland and Irish Surfing, the national governing body for the sport in Ireland, allowed surf schools to reopen in June 2020 provided they implement a thorough Covid Safety Plan. Sligo Surf Experience owner, Seamus Mc Goldrick, worked closely with other Irish surf school managers to help formulate the best practice covid safety policies for surf schools to adhere to. Safety is number one at Sligo Surf Experience and Covid is no exception. Thankfully, by implementing a few simple, straightforward changes, our customers have been able to return to the waves and have as much fun as ever in a supportive and safe environment.

We will still be operating under our Covid 19 safety plan to help assist as we are slowly emerging from the Covid-era. Many thanks with your patience and cooperation in this regard. This webpage will give you all the information you need to know about our surf school's safety plan and allow us to take all possible precautions this summer to help maintain public safety.


Sligo Surf Experience was able to reopen our surf school last month after carefully considering and following all available government advice. The Sligo Surf Experience manager received assistance from both Irish Surfing and a working group of top surf school managers from around the country. Sligo Surf Experience is open based on the knowledge that it is possible to hold safe surfing classes by following our covid safety policy.

As our surf school is outdoors, it is easier to ask our customers to social distance.  However, we are asking our customer's friends, family and/or spectators not to come near the surf school for sign-in or equipment retrieval. And customers are reminded that they have a duty of care not to arrive for their surf lesson if they have a temperature or flu-like Covid 19 symptoms.

All of our surf sessions have been revised and adapted to run according to Irish Surfing guidelines for best practice covid safety policies.


Our new measures are designed to eliminate the need for physical contact between our staff and our customers.

Most of our surf lessons will be staggered an hour and a half apart to avoid group mixing at our meet-up point on Strandhill Beach. All our wetsuits and surf boots that are used by customers are going through a much more rigorous cleaning phase before it is allowed to be used by the next customer. We have bought a heavy-duty neoprene shampoo to completely clean and sanitise our wetsuits and booties and each piece of equipment will be left for at least 48 hours before being used by another customer. 

We will not be using public changing facilities, which were closed in March 2020 by Sport Ireland.

A new operating procedure has been put in place so that we can begin to enjoy the ocean again in a safe and responsible way.

1. Staggered customer arrival.
Customers will be asked to arrive at different times throughout the day.

2. Asking Customers to be prepared.
Via our confirmation email, we are asking all customers to arrive prepared for their surf sessions to avoid delays and only bring one bag to store their belongings. We are asking customers to store their belongings in their own cars, if possible, and only use storage provided at our surf school if required.

3. Increased wetsuit wash.
All of our wetsuits are now being soaked in both Milton sterilizing fluid and a heavy-duty neoprene shampoo to ensure they are thoroughly cleaned. These procedures have both been medically proven to kill COVID-19 coronavirus. In addition to this, we have increased the soak time of our wetsuits for a better wash.

4. Sterilising all surfboards.
All our surfing equipment such as surfboards, bodyboards, accessories and safety kit are regularly sanitised.

5. Rotating the use of our equipment.
Our surf school stocks enough equipment to be able to stagger the use of our equipment ensuring that there is sufficient time between sessions to allow them to be fully cleaned and sanitised and be fresh for use for the next customer.

6. Social distancing.
We have updated our instructing and coaching for all surfing and bodyboarding lessons so we are able to constantly maintain a safe distance between staff and customers. When they arrive, customers are asked to adhere to social distancing measures for the duration of their visit to our surf school. So, unfortunately, no handshaking or hi-fives or things like that.

7. Client details.
These will be kept for contact tracing purposes in line with all current government guidance and with data collection policy and GDPR.

8. Bring cash in an envelope and pay online where possible.
When you call to book an experience you can pay via EFT thus eliminating the need for handling cash. If you need to pay in cash we ask you bring the correct change in an envelope.

9. PPE For staff when required.

10. Customer equipment.
We ask that customers bring their own equipment, where possible.

With our new procedures in place, we are confident you can enjoy your surf lesson safely in a low-risk, outdoor environment. Surfing is a big part of the Sligo lifestyle and we are delighted to see so many people back in the water enjoying the waves.

If you would like to book a surfing lesson with us, call Seamus on 0877471915 or email us (