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Things to do in Sligo

3 November 23

For all our friends or customers who will be traveling to Sligo to surfing, we wanted to share our local knowledge on things to do in Sligo and the best places to stay, eat and drink.

Sligo Surf Experience Blog Image: Things to do in Sligo. For all our friends or customers who will be traveling to Sligo to surfing, we wanted to share our local knowledge on things to do in Sligo and the best places to stay, eat and drink.

Where to eat and drink

If you are interested in a quick coffee or snack on the seafront at Strandhill then visit Shells Cafe, a charming seaside bakery that has made a big name for itself based on its yummy menu. Don't forget to pop in to the new surf shop right beside Shells in the National Surf Centre, the Wetsuit Company Strandhill. Browse all the great surfware and do some surfboard window shopping. Check out the beautiful artwork surrounding the surf centre and make sure you come say hello to us over at Sligo Surf Experience at the back of the centre.

If you are interested in ice cream, the only place to go is Mammy Johnstons ice-cream parlour. This third-generation ice cream parlour's story began when Mammy Johnston began selling ice creams in Strandhill over a hundred years ago. Honesty Kitchen is just a short walk from the seafront and offers a healthy menu where lots of ingredients for dishes come directly from the proprietors' family-run farm. Honesty Kitchen will connect you to with local, organic and wholesome honestly grown food. Browse the in-house farm shop and pick up organic meat and veg, sustainable living products, teas, artisan chocolates and tasty treats.

There are plenty of takeaway options at the seafront. You can get the best artisan pizzas at the Wood Fired Pizza food truck. The surfer's favourite fast food takeaway is Beach Buns on the seafront. The Venue steak and seafood restaurant on the Top Road of Strandhill offers a lovely sit-down dining experience with views overlooking Sligo Bay. The Venue also has an old-world front bar that should not be missed.

But our personal favourite restaurant is Stoked Restaurant above the Strand Bar run by Irish champion surfer Shane Meehan. Stoked offers exquisite world food tapas style. The dishes are inspired by chef-proprietor Shane's world surf travels. With Stoked deep connection with surfing and the sea, you can experience their passion for seafood by tasting the amazing seafood plates. They also have some of the best vegan options in Sligo. This unique dining experience at Sligo's top restaurant is highly recommended.

The world-famous Strand Bar on the seafront is certainly another surfer's favourite. The Strand is the original surfer's bar whose interior is like a Strandhill museum. The Strand also offers a fine lunch and pizza menu as well as one of the best pints of stout in the west.

Sligo's live music scene is world-renowned. The Strand offers live music seven nights a week in the summer months and the Wednesday night trad session is not to be missed. On the Top Road in Strandhill you will find the best local musicians blasting out quality tunes each weekend in The Venue front bar and The Dunes Bar.

Another great spot for live music is Bree Bar, well worth a visit to sample their famous cocktails and delicious pizza menu.


If you are interested in wellness, Strandhill does not disappoint. A visit to the world famous VOYA Seaweed Baths on the seafront at Strandhill will leave you feeling refreshed and detoxed. Visit this traditional seaweed bath house to experience a pure and simple organic treatment. Experience the soothing and healing effects of a seaweed bath or try some of Voya's other therapies or products. You won't be disappointed.

For those interested in yoga, you can visit Salt & Soul yoga studio near the airport owned by local Strandhill woman Rachel Mulrooney. One of Rachel's accessible yoga classes is the perfect way to restore your tired body after a surf lesson in Strandhill. There are lots of other wellness options in Strandhill to suit your need: physical therapy, acupuncture, amatsu, osteopathy and fitness.

Strandhill accommodation

One of best places to stay in Strandhill is the Strandhill Lodge & Suites beside The Venue bar and restaurant on the Top Road in Strandhill. The Strandhill Lodge & Suites are suitated in the shadow of Knocknarea and offer four star suites and deluxe rooms overlooking Sligo Bay with stunning views.

Other good options accommodation options are Cois Farraige apartments or the Strandhill Beachfront Apartments (perfect for couples).

If you are looking for hotel accommodation, Sligo Town (fifteen minutes drive from Strandhill) has some great options like The Southern Hotel, Sligo Park Hotel, The Clayton Hotel or the Radisson.

Places of interest

In addition to surfing in Strandhill, there is lots of walk, trails and sites of historical interest in the village. Strandhill is a part of the Coolera Peninsula that has evidence of human civilisation dating back more than six thousand years. There are over 70 ancient passage tombs on the Coolera Peninsula. The most impressive passage tomb is the massive 5,000 year old Neolithic cairn that sits on top of Knocknarea and is visible for miles around. We call it Queen Maeve's grave, which is one of the largest Stone Age monuments in western Europe. You can reach the monument by following the Queen Maeve Trail - Knocknarea up the hill to the summit of Knocknarea.

You can also visit Strandhill's archaeological gem past Sligo Airport by taking the Killaspugbrone Coastal Walk to visit the ruins of a Christian site founded by Saint Patrick in the fifth century.

And trip to Strandhill is not complete without a visit to the nearby Carrowmore Megalithic Cemetery neolithic site situated in the centre of the Coolera Peninsula. Carrowmore Megalithic Cemetery is one of Ireland's largest Neolithic sites and one of the four major passage tomb cemeteries in Ireland. Visit the Carrowmore Megalithic Cemetery visitor centre and take one of the regular tours to discover the significance of the this ancient sacred ritual centre and discover the fascinating history of the ancient inhabitants of Coolera responsible for the tomb's construction.

But you haven't done it all unless you come for a surf lesson in Strandhill with Sligo Surf Experience.