Sligo Surf Experience

Sligo Surf Experience surf school in Strandhill was established by local surfer Seamus Mc Goldrick in 2018 as a vehicle to use his unique set of skills acquired by a lifetime in the ocean to provide the best surf lessons at Strandhill Beach.

Seamus Mc Goldrick invites you to his surf school in Strandhill to learn to surf at Ireland's best surfing beach. Meet the best local and international surf instructors and learn all you need to know about surfing and Sligo.

Our most popular surf experience is a fun and exciting group surf lesson. Breathe in the fresh Atlantic sea air, feel the wind on your face and hear the crash of the waves as  step off the edge of Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way and experience the thrill of catching your first wave.

Sligo Surf Experience's expert instructors will patiently show you how to stand on your surfboard on the beach in three easy steps before guiding you into the water to practice the skills you have learned. Surfing is sure to put a smile on your face and your surf instructor will give you lots of helpful tips and encouragement.

Sligo Surf Experience is stocked with the best surfing and bodyboarding equipment. We have an excellent range of thick winter wetsuits to fit all types of people that will keep customers perfectly warm in the water. During cold weather, hoods and gloves are supplied to keep you extra warm.

There is free parking at two car parks in Strandhill. All necessary surfing equipment is included in the price. You will have access to changing rooms and storage for personal belongings at the beach.

All you need to bring is swimming gear and a towel.

Sligo Surf Experience is open all year round except December 24/25/26th. During peak season in July and August we offer 3 group lessons per day seven days per week and regular surfing classes in off peak and winter season.

We offer a high quality service with limited spaces so advanced booking is recommended. All surfing class are subject to weather and surf conditions.


br>Sligo Surf Experience is an age and family friendly surf school.

Regardless of age, ability, gender, race or background, it is easy for a participant in a surf lesson to experience all the things that make surfing great, even on their first try. My vision for my surf school is to make the joys of surfing accessible to both future pros and the average Joes.


I find that the beach is the most relaxing landscape. Interestingly, the beach is also the oldest type of landscape. People come to the beach to  relax and forget their cares and worries. In fact, once you are out in the surf with the wind swirling and the waves crashing, it becomes impossible to hold on to any of life's little stresses.

We want you to come and soak up the  peace and tranquility of Strandhill. That is as important as learning any new skill. There is a certain peace and tranquility to be found here beside the ocean in Strandhill, even on the stormiest days. It is no wonder Strandhill is so popular with visitors and walkers who come for the fresh coastal air.


Our surf lesson give people the opportunity to focus on one thing for a couple of hours and get lost in the moment. Surfing is an exercise in mindfulness. Standing in the unceasing ocean you get lost in its endless movement, which are always unpredictable yet demand our attention so we can plot our next move.

In order to advance at surfing we need to be able to focus and take in our surroundings and I think this practice is something we can take from our surf lesson and use in our daily lives.


One thing I have noticed from doing thousands of surf lessons over the years is the increase in positive well being my customers get from spending a couple of hours in the ocean. Whether they were an instant surf ace or felt surfing was a serious challenge to them, people always seem to leave the ocean more content than they entered it.

The ocean is a wild place. I can't think of another activity you can do that will immerse you in this wild space more than surfing. Surfing forges a connection with nature and in turn this promotes contentment deep in our being.

I am sure this is one of the core reasons people say surfing is addictive.

Power of nature

To go surfing is to connect with nature. Surfing harnesses the power of nature and the ocean to improve your wellbeing. The benefits of being in or even near the ocean are well documented. We invite you to channel your own inner surfer and access that little internal ocean of peace we all possess